Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Cisadane Festival

FESTIVAL Cisadane is Tangerang City Government Program, the annual EVENT held Cisadane riverbank. Cisadane Festival featuring the procession of local creativity peaks that reflect originality, independence and local knowledge, an overview of the dynamics of a trip to the Tangerang City to form the unity of the Republic of Indonesia which we yearn.

Indeed the potential of art and culture that is widespread throughout the territory of Indonesia is growing rapidly in the city of Tangerang, a wealth of invaluable as well as strength. Because of its existence, fellow citizens of the region to get to know each other, understand and appreciate one another, resulting in the maintenance of tolerance, integrity, a sense of unity and cohesion.

Cisadane Festival in filososfis and historically born from the uacara Pe'cun or Dragon Boat race. Pe'cun literally means rowing a boat, which is motivated by a history of a public official in the country ciu Cho dynasty named Khut Guan China, officials are honest, loyal to the state and respected. His leadership in the journey vilified by his political opponents and eventually exiled by the State. Khut exile Guan very sad to see the destruction of the State had since left, until finally he decided to jump into the river with big stone binding ketubuh ago immersed himself into the river.

In Tangerang Pe'cun race has been a tradition since tens of years ago with Cisadane as the venue for ongoing and very festive, apart from at the Pe'cun is one form of cultural diversity in Indonesia, which has a value of heroism and spirit of unity and oneness in the frame Tangerang Indonesia in particular and society in general.

The positive development of various cultural repertoire of works of art in a whole looks harmonious society is also a form of expressing joy, happiness, and gratitude for the gift of independence from God Almighty. The presence of a variety of potential budaya.perwakilan art and cultural art centers throughout the region in the city of Tangerang, also is a vehicle for expression, as well as appreciation for the perpetrators of cultural accomplishment, pride for his work and his own creations of art and culture, we should always develop as a trigger for upholding the dignity and dignity of the nation.

Representation of District / Sub-District as well as the centers of art and culture throughout the city of Tangerang, possible thousands of people each day to be present and to witness the cornucopia of attractions and listen to performances of art, dance, music, fashion, and culinary repertoire Tangerang and various works of art cultural regions, which reflects the diversity (acculturation) and the dynamics of the city of Tangerang.

Traditional cultural diversity and richness Innovasi kontenporer is also the power to become the Human Asset.
In a culture where people of various ethnic communities can get to know, understand and appreciate each other.
Build tolerance, integrity, a sense of unity among Artists, Cultural Society and Government.
Be an alternative for the Annual Cultural Tour visits Tangerang and surrounding communities, even the Foreign Tourists
Rides, expression, appreciation, achievement Recreation for the perpetrators as well as arts and culture and society in general.

Conserve, develop and utilize arts and culture in order to create a civilized society, advanced and dynamic, so memprerat sense of unity and unity within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
Develop an ethical culture art and aesthetics in order to build a new civilization, a noble society for the benefit of the Nation and the State of Indonesia.
Bridging the skilled and talented artists to develop their potential through appropriate art appreciation
Introducing melalaui senimam be able to reach a positive value in society and the world in promoting commercial products in
Country through SOEs, enterprises, SMEs are private or Tangerang

With the hope of the Festival Cisadane from time to time receive appreciation and a positive impression of the Tangerang and surrounding communities.

Tangerang City Cisadane festival as an annual event, to be seeded so as to attract tourists Local, Regional and International Tangerang City.

All components of the Government, the business / private sector joint stakeholders would be able to support the implementation of Success Cisadane Festival.

Thank you profusely for all parties, for the support and his participation is very valuable, hopefully this Cisadane Festival can run smoothly and continue until the next year to year.


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